Yale Directory

The Client

Yale ITS, on behalf of the University community

The Project

In October 2015, Yale ITS launched a new Yale Directory, making it easier to find someone at Yale.

The Solution

Our primary objective was to make finding someone at Yale intuitive and easy by reducing time spent searching and improving user satisfaction.

To measure our success, we conducted usability tests before and after launching the new Yale Directory and validated that we:

  • Improved system usability from 33.75 (Worst Imaginable to Poor Usability) to 85 (Excellent Usability)
  • Reduced failure rates by 75%
  • Increased reported task ease from 2.7 (Difficult to Somewhat Difficult) to 5.7 (Somewhat Easy to Easy)


Total Time

Ten and a half months, between the end of November 2014 and beginning of October 2015

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Yale Directory

Beautifully re-engineered and redesigned, this is a powerful resource that is a pleasure to use.

Paul McKinley

Director of Strategic Communications, Yale College